Kristoffer Trautner


Welcome to my page. My name is Kristoffer Trautner, and I'm a Sound Engineer, currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I do live sound, vocal recordings and mixing with a budget that fits you.

I was born in 1985 in a small country side town in Denmark. By the age of 6, my family moved to a town 30 minutes away from Copenhagen. At the age of 10, I became a student in a small music club called 'Allerød Synthesizer Workshop' where I was learning music theory, music production, and a bit of sound technique. In the summer of 2004, I travelled to Vancouver, Canada to study at a language school. I quickly fell in love with the city and in 2006 I moved back to Vancouver, where I lived for 4 years.

In April 2008, I started studying Sound Engineering at the Art Institute of Vancouver.

By December 2009, I graduated as a 'Independent Sound Engineer', whereafter I returned to Denmark to begin my career as a Sound Engineer.